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Repair, maintenance of your tanks and containers


RGR Maintenance
Z.I. Route de Reims
Rue Jeans Baptiste Godin
Tél.: +33(0)323-537-285
Fax: +33(0)323-593-906

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Maintenance, road tanks repairs and creation of protocols have to meet with RGR MAINTENANCE administration procedures that can guarantee its customers :

  • Qualification of welding procedures EN 288-3-4
  • Qualification COFREND for dye penetrant test
  • Repair and transformation of vehicles which have to be brought up to A D R – A P I – C O V standards
  • Three yearly inspection of chemical road tanks :
  • - hydraulic pressure test
  • - leakproofness test
  • by an approved organism.
  • Annual inspection of measuring supply equipment, flow control and meter stamping.


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